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The formula for success

Have you ever thought about learning a language? Cooking? Training for that race in your city? Have you ever made a resolution and after feeling highly motivated for a few days changed your goal? I am now going to tell you what is it that helps people go all the way to the end until they accomplish their goals. When you ask those people who always finish their projects how they do it, their answer always is: “I simpl
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If we did not feel fear, nothing would be worth it. Fear is one of the most powerful primary emotions. It has been saving our lives for generations and it still does. Fear is a signal for action, it tells you that you need to get ready for what is coming or that you need to run as fast as you can. Paralympic Games, London 2012 (August 31st, 2012) I had swum the day before for my first competition in the Games, the 10
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I want to talk to you about perseverance. It is a virtue we admire in great personalities and in all those who achieve their goals and are able to materialize their projects. It is the main strength of athletes, musicians, researchers and successful students, but it is also a quality we can see in some parents who are tirelessly devoted to their children, and in all those people who set their goal and do whatever it
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